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The innovative, energy technological arm of the CF Group

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The innovative, energy technological arm of the CF Group of companies. Through GenSet, CF Groups seeks and studies new methods for powering their customers’ businesses while reducing their operating costs and environmental impact.

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The Distribution Generation program was created as a result of the August 2003 blackout and the expressed need of the Independent Electricity System Operator for fast response generation. This program was created to allow existing standby generation assets embedded within a host’s electrical distribution system the ability to export power to the electricity grid in times of constraint through an automatic, seamless, synchronized connection.

In the times when the province is experiencing excessive power consumption and when area energy resources are low, GenSet Resource Management feeds power back into the grid using clean, cost-saving technologies. Not only do GenSet’s methods provide a boost in resources, they allow for the energy consumer to profit by becoming the energy provider.

Benefits of Working with GenSet:

  • The only group in Ontario that is engaging in the aggregation of embedded distributed Generation for the purpose of participating in the Wholesale electricity market. By joining with GenSet, you will become a part of Ontario’s exclusive group of energy innovators.
  • Helps balance out mandated exercising hours by alleviating these costs and replacing it with a new revenue stream.
  • GenSet provides 27/4 assistance for maintenance or trouble calls, resulting in a hassle-free experience for the host.
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